Bring a new level of sophistication to your next party or event with live Classical Music performed on an authentic Baroque harpsichord.

In the worlds of fashion, design, and event planning, customizable products rule the marketplace. Whether a couture gown or built-to-order furniture, finding the perfect product for individual tastes is a demand that is met with innovation and groundbreaking creativity.

Le Traitement Royale’s Couture Concerts provide made-to-order Classical Music performances of the highest calibre, combining the luxury of the fashion house with the splendours of the High Baroque to enhance in-home parties and off-site events. Private party organizers and professional event planners alike will benefit from Le Traitement Royale’s personalized, quality musical programming, enhancing the charm and luxury of any event.


Why choose a Couture Concert?

From the first stages of planning to the performance itself, Le Traitement Royale offers its clients an unparalleled level of personally-tailored service and musicality.


Our Process:

1. Meet with you

We want to know all about you and the event you’re planning. Are you hosting a dinner party for your closest friends, looking to make an impression on a client, or planning your wedding? Whether formal or casual, we can add an atmosphere of elegance to your gathering.   

2. Meet the space

The character of a venue is as important as the personalities of the people attending an event. We work with you and your planning team to ensure that our musical performance is seamlessly integrated with your décor and design plans.

3. Tailor our musical repertoire

Each performance we give is fully customized – no two are the same! Whether your event requires the elegance of Versailles in the time of Louis XIV or the incomparable beauty of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations, we have the knowledge and skill to create a program tailored to your needs.


4. Oversee instrument installation and maintenance

When you work with Le Traitement Royale, your convenience and satisfaction are our priorities. Before your event, we oversee the transportation, maintenance, and tuning of our harpsichord, ensuring that our performance is of the highest possible quality.


Our Artistic Director:

Considered ‘one of Canada’s most gifted musicians’ by the Saugeen Times, Matthew Whitfield ( is a professional Harpsichordist and Organist who specializes in music from the Baroque and Modern Eras. Applying his passions for music, fashion, and design to create unique and thought-provoking performances, Matthew oversees the planning and performances for Le Traitement Royale’s Couture Concerts.


Le Traitement Royale:  Couture Concerts FAQ


Do you work with instruments other than the harpsichord?

Absolutely! Matthew is an expert keyboardist, equally skilled on the piano, harpsichord, and pipe organ. If you wish to host a Couture Concert for piano but don’t have access to an instrument, we can also arrange its rental and maintenance.


How does the music selection process work?  


Whether you’re a Classical Music aficionado or a complete novice, we work with you to plan the perfect program for your event. Sometimes we start simply, with a mood or feeling, and move forward from there, while other times a host has specific musical works in mind. Regardless of your familiarity with the genre, our experts customize each setlist to match your event and venue.


Do you play music other than Classical Music?


Because of its 17th Century origins, all our harpsichord programs feature Classical Music. However, if you are interested in a piano-based Couture Concert, we are happy to discuss alternate programming options. That’s the beauty of made-to-order live music!